Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rotten Apples

My word for the day is ROTTEN.

Why? Because that's the first "R" word I thought of. Not because I'm negative, mind you, but because it brings to mind something I said to someone today when we were talking about salesmanship.

I've been in sales practically my entire life. And one of the things a lot of salespeople think is absolutely necessary in sales is to quote "apples for apples" when trying to win a customer from a competitor.

Personally, I hate the theory and think it's a bunch of crap. Someone (I think it's Jeffrey Gitomer) has this to say about the apples-to-apples mentality: "What if the other guy's apple is ROTTEN?"

HELLO! If someone is unhappy with his service provider, and he's shopping, something is clearly wrong with the relationship. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean the service provider must be the person with the "issue;" we've all had customers we'd like to give away... But it's a red flag.

I believe in giving my customers what they're looking for and it's seldom the exact same thing someone else has given them. Apples are okay; rotten apples are not.


  1. Found you on the blog challenge. I work in the buisness world and your posts are interesting and informative. Great resource.

  2. Luana: Thank you for your kind words!

  3. you bring up a good point.
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!

  4. Eh, I never liked sales. I'm not good at it, but you do reach a valid point. Sometimes there are rotten apples!

  5. Jennee, Too bad you don't like sales. It's not as complicated or scary as some people make it out to be ... especially if you're always putting the best interests of your clients first. Then, it's more a relationship thing. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Sales is a tough business. Our guys is constantly being accosted verbally because of the reputation such people have. I, personally, think the best business is honest business; but the world today begs to differ. And it's all because of a few "rotten apples."

  7. I've always managed to conduct business according to my values system. Yes, other people make it more difficult when they don't share our values or appreciate our hard work. But if everyone agreed, life would be boring, eh?