Monday, October 3, 2011

How an Employer Might Treat a Facebook Faux Pas


It's a big deal in the world of business.

But what's the difference between sharing your opinion and violating your employer's confidentiality?  Or that of a co-worker?

Personally, I'm a fan of not burning bridges--especially in business.  If I have a gripe with someone, I generally discuss it with him or her.  Of course, there are people who choose not to participate in discussion.  So yes, I might gripe to someone else.  I'd like to believe I choose my confidantes with care.

Facebook is not one of my confidantes. Sure, I can acquire a lot of publicity via Facebook.  But I can also acquire notoriety. Big time. had a pretty good article on the subject a few days ago titled Facebook Policies Tricky for Employers, Workers you might find interesting.

Your thoughts on the subject?


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  2. Curt, Thanks for visiting. As for the design of this blog, I just used a template Blogger has and chose my other preferences!

  3. It amazes me some of the personal things that people put on Facebook. Rather than discussing a problem with the one involved it's blurted out there for everyone to read. Many friendships have been broken with a few angry words sent out there in cyber space. And of course employers see how well you react to something like that.

  4. I suspect that some people have no concept of how enormous and far-reaching the Interet is. I also know that many people can't even begin to grasp how easy it is to do research online.

    Then again, Internet or no, some people just don't know when to keep their lips zipped. I've been guilty of swallowing my foot ... hopefully, however, not online where it will be documented forever.

    Thanks for visiting Ann from Texas!